Review Request (1k)

Hello OGS!

Today I played my best game against @weixng01 [2d] and lost.

Since this was an unusually clean game after the dirty ones before it, I’d love to get a review - if one of you teaching dans would be so kind. :smile:

I also made a preliminary review with some notes and thoughts at what I think are critical points.

Game link:
Review link:

Thank you for your time!

Black looked great for most of the game until the very end. Here’s my take:

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Thank you very much for your review, @mark5000!

I found it very insightful. Basically everything you wrote was new and didn’t occur to me during the game or afterwards.

I can’t believe how I didn’t see some of those things, like the shared pivot point in the running battle :smile:

Excellent review!

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