Review request 20 k versus 19 k


I would like a review of my last game please. Thanks for your help.


Hello… I’m only 15k here (16k on IGS, 12 on KGS), but I made my own review…

Here’s my review:

Biggest things you can do to improve:

  • Before you defend a cut, check and make sure it’s necessary! You wasted a lot of moves defending perfectly secure cutting points on your strong groups. You also lost some points by not defending cuts, however, so the main thing to focus on is reading them out to see whether they’re important, instead of blindly connecting or ignoring them.
  • Look for weaknesses in your opponent’s groups. You let your opponent get away with some very tenuous shape, especially around the bottom right.
  • Be aware of potential 3-3 invasions. Especially at a DDK level, when you aren’t necessarily familiar enough with how they play out to read them effectively, knowing that you’ve got an open 3-3 and defending it when there’s nothing bigger (especially if you’re ahead!) can be the difference between a win and a loss. In this game, you lost by 20 pts, and your opponent’s invasion was a 38 point (roughly) swing.

Lastly, I’d recommend doing a self-review before asking for a review in the future. I personally find it really helpful, since I can identify not only mistakes I made during my play, but also mistakes in my thought process by comparing my review to that of a stronger player.

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Thanks Newbator for your review.

And thanks to you too ckersch88.
You said that it would be better to do a self review. Why not, but I don’t know how to do it. Do you some hints to follow ?

Your goal in self review is to identify as many mistakes as you can in your play. Basically, start a review of your game by clicking the review button on the sidebar. Go through and try to figure out where you should have played, based on what happened in the game. Work out what you think are the best variations, and annotate them with your thoughts as to why what you did might’ve been bad, and why something else would be better.

For joseki (corner sequences) and fuseki (openings), it can also be super helpful to check and see what pros play in similar situations. is a database search tool. It’s a great resource for seeing what the most common moves are, while and offer more of a discussion of why certain moves are good.

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Thanks ckersch88 !