Review Request 20k v 20k

About a month ago I had my first game review. The main feedback was that I was playing very, very slowly and passively. I’ve made some progress on that and I think it shows in this game which I lost by half a point. I think I’ve improved a bit on not playing so passively, but I think I have issues in this game with identifying direction of play.

Any comments/review will be appreciated:


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Hey, I made a quick review:

I’m only a few stones stronger than you and as such as still learning. So take everything with a grain of salt.

So if any stronger players would like to critique my review, please do so. I would greatly appreciate it!


Review of the review (moves 1-100):

For @Igo_Bufo, connect your groups!

For @_Thrawn, you misread situations at 21 and 43, but your intuition is getting pretty solid recently. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice @mark5000! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Your review makes sense of many of the moves Leela suggested when I went through the game afterwards for myself. She may be able to suggest better moves but she can’t tell me why she likes them, which is what I really need.

Thanks for taking the time to link to topics in Sensei’s Library. That really helps me make sense of the things being commented on. The only thing I’d really gotten through my own review was my failure to connect against the peep (and that because I’d seen the page before), and, thanks to Leela, the urgency of playing at R15. I guess I’m just not to a point, yet, where self-review is all that helpful. @_Thrawn’s and your comments are really helpful.

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