Review request 20k vs 17k


I would appreciate if someone could review this game:

I think I made two major mistakes: 1) built a wall on the bottom left but couldn’t keep it alive; 2) let the opponent manage to take territory on the bottom right. I’d love to know what exactly did I do wrong ><’.

On a side note, the 3rd move was a misclick (I intended to play at Q4).

Thanks in advance!

These are just some general comments that come to mind as I’m watching the game.

Move 15 - the connection at c15 is very slow and not necessary, would be better to take another big point, or play a move that builds group on the left side of the board, like extending to C7 or something like that.
Move 21 - I think it’s arguable that, because of the development you have on the left side, it would have been okay to block in the opposite direction at C4, and have the influence of your wall facing your development on the left side of the board.
Move 25 - the tigers mouth sort of invites white to come out of the corner and take more of the left side than he would have gotten if you had just extended at c6 instead. I imagine you were worried about being cut because the ladder is not in your favour, but cutting would not be a great idea for white because the corner isn’t settled yet and you can probably counter attack and kill the corner if white tries this cut.
Moves 37/39 - these are bad exchanges for the health of the wall, which currently isn’t alive, and by making these exchanges you’ve made your own wall weaker.
Move 51 - This is another questionable move. It’s not well connected because of the weakness at J6, it doesn’t really do much in terms of attacking the white group, and in fact it gives white an opportunity to continue surrounding your weak wall.
Moves 55/57 - The one space jump, followed by the attempt to block white from pushing through just leaves too many weak cutting points in your shape. Again, the focus should have been on making sure that the wall can’t get cut off, and it should be evident that by leaving so many cutting points, you made it easy for white to cut off a large chunk of the wall. When white also made a living shape with the followup exchanges, the fate of the wall was sealed.

Beyond this point in the game it just seems like you play extremely passive and give white a massive territory on the upper side of the board without much resistance.

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My thoughts here:
nice game :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for the reviews :slight_smile: