Review Request 20k vs 20k - Trying 19x19 out!

HI, all!

I decided to transition (slowly) towards playing with a 19x19 board!
Andddd oh damn, it felt really scary to play. :confounded:

I did a few games with that setting and starting to learn how moyo and territory works with this kind of setting.

I specifically want to review:

What did I do wrong in terms of framework? What are some moyo tips?
(And how to be less scared about this board size? lol)

Thank you all!

im not all done yet, so some things might change/get added. Any questions are most welcome!

EDIT: im done. it got a little much, but youll manage ;). its sometimes hard to explain things properly in the confined space of a review, so again: pls ask… i dont want there to be more confusion than before the review xD.

youll get used to it! its so much more fun than the small board once, you are somewhat oriented.

It might be helpful for you to watch Nick Sibicky’s “Joseki for Kyus” videos, and also the Dsaun shape lecture video on Youtube if you haven’t already watched it.