Review request 21 kyu vs 20 kyu

Looks like I got reamed pretty badly.

It’s very difficult to make teritory in the middle. You made a big one. Very big!
But, as you can see now, your whole territory in the middle is just 35 points.

On the other hand you started the bottom left corner on 3x3, a quiet and solid move: that corner should stay yours.
Instead you gave it away without fighting: white move 22 was dangerous, move 24 was killer but you didn’t answer at all.
That only one corner is about the same territory that you have in the middle.

Keep your corners.
The center is good for fighting, not for score.


Hello :slight_smile:

I must say it looks like quite a good game for your level!

Some of my ideas are here, the summary is on the first move


Everything makes sense. Time to study and continue to improve. Thank you guys for your help