Review request 24k vs 20k


I’d appreciate it if someone could review this game and give me some tips on how to improve my game:

I’ve only been learning go for a month. Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

sorry for not writing a review, but let me try to offer some ideas anyway.
At lower levels I would caution against playing handicapped games. It is only my opinion, but handicapped games force kind of a different playstyle if one wants to win and without having some basics down it could lead to reinforcing bad habits. (you can change the matchmaker under settings.)

To put it simply and crudely 24k has no idea how to punish even the most crazy moves. Thus Even a totally suicidal invasion can lead to a good result and one can get the feeling that the move/the idea behind the move was ok.

For that reason they are also very hard to review (for me at least). The problem is that when playing against a handicap by nature of the game one has to overplay a little to catch up. And thus we would not only need to discuss if the move was an overplay, but if it was an acceptable overplay under the cirumstances. With moves 17 and 31 for example you created two groups without a base that were in danger of dying at some points. But they both lived. In an equal match however, those moves could have been a big problem. So was it right or wrong?

I would be glad to review some of your games and indeed having your games reviewed is a great way to learn. Just not handicapped games, it is too hard to review for me :smiley:

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Thank you very much!

Fair point on handicapped game - I didn’t know it could be disabled under settings. Disabled it now.

I’ll certainly play more games and hopefully make another review request soon. Thanks again for you comment!

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just to spite @Adam3141 i made a very short review for you :rofl:. you wont find too much criticism of single moves as i felt that wouldnt go far in helping you. instead i tried a short summary of the game. hope you can take something ou of it and good luck improving!

P.S.: next time be sure to have a lost game reviewed . they are much easier to review :slight_smile:.


Thanks a lot for the review! :slight_smile: