Review request 25k vs 17k handicap game

Analysis says that in move 43, 45 or 47 black could win. I wonder how.

I guess it’s a private game because I can’t open it (access denied)

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27755360-061-spardaka-maciosgalazka.sgf (864 Bytes)
I could not make it private. I only managed to download an sgf file.

I have left you a quick review in the original game. Sorry everyone else it will also be private, but is the most convenient way for me to do it and could perhaps also be seen as more fair since the opponent might not want the game to go public as it was private to begin with.

@maciosgalazka once a game is private you can never make it public, but you can allow individual players to access it via the right hand side menu and acess settings. It is sort of a compromise to keep the game “prvate enough” since your opponent might disagree with making it public, but still allowing for reviews. I took the liberty of adding Groin to the list as he has shown interest in your game.

I only looked at one of the “possible win” moves, but the situation would be same in all three cases. You both just kept missing the biggest endgame move.

Hope it helps and welocme to the forums :slight_smile:

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Nice initiative but the game is still not accessible to me.
Nevermind I will comment the next not private game if @maciosgalazka is interested.

Oh, yeah, sorry :smiley: I added you to the review, but obviously you cannot find that if unable to visit the original game. Duh

@AdamR Thank you for the review :slight_smile:
@Groin Now I am trying to get familiar with the game and play many games without analyzing much, but I will remember the offer if anything comes up.