Review request: 4k vs 2k

Hi there, can someone please give me some feedback for this game? I’m Black, and I feel like I played well enough for the most part, but I’m not quite sure where I made the biggest mistakes. I’m pretty sure the opening was slightly more favorable for White and I pushed myself towards a low and overconcentrated position at the bottom. I think by move 100 there’s a difference but still have a chance to recover the ground… What do you think? Thanks!

I post some variations in game chat

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One mistake I see is that you play small yose moves too early. The best example is Q19, but it is also true of S2 or B14. According to Leela Zero, it was still a balanced game before Q19.

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I’ve added some of my opinions in a separate review. I agree with @SanDiego. I think you started to really fall behind in yose where you often played moves that ended in gote or was small (in terms of value).

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Looking back at it now it seems I’ve made so many obvious mistakes… It’s true I usually get caught up with small moves around mid-game just to ensure some points, and I tend to dispute small territories all while not being strong at fighting.

Thank you all for the comments! I will keep in mind your suggestions, seems like at least it’s a very good game to learn so not all was bad :slight_smile: