Review request 4k vs 5k

Hello. Never submitted a game for review here, thought I’d give it a shot:

I’m the white 5k – lost by resignation. Would welcome any insight or suggestions. Some things I noticed:

  • Moves 6-20: I approached his 3-4 stone high in the lower-left corner and he pincered me low. We played out most of this joseki, but it didn’t work out well for me and I’m not sure what else I could’ve done. He ended up w/ a living group in the corner and a solid group on the left side; I got some stones in the middle that didn’t end up being useful. (He actually could’ve cut me after 20, but neither of us noticed.)
  • Move 58: I played a poor move on the bottom side
  • Moves 28-42: He had 3-4 keima shimari double-wing formation in the upper-left corner, so I reduced it. I guess it was successful, but he got to claim a huge amount of territory on the left side of the board.
  • Move 68+: I had the upper-right corner and a wall on the left side, so I was looking forward to attacking his 2 stones in between them. But I didn’t get as much out of it as I might’ve hoped.
  • Move 108+: He piles up points in endgame.

Supposedly, the game was close prior to 108, but I didn’t feel great about it. He didn’t seem to make any mistakes, or have difficulty responding to any of my moves. Maybe I didn’t attack well, or enough, or severely?