Review request: 5k vs 6k, in which I'm gifted a victory

I’m pretty awful at dealing with fuseki. I try to play it cool, and just build my territory in response, but always seem to come up short in terms of compensation. Perhaps I’m just bad at invading. I this game, my fuseki response went like it usually does. I tried to invade when it was probably too late, and ended up with lots of weak groups scrapping for life. I managed to live everywhere, and won by 4.5 points as a result.

I shouldn’t have. My opponent had a couple of mistakes that directly lead to that outcome, and had they punished my cruddy invasions properly, the game like would’ve been a rout. What could I have done differently, to get to a midgame where I’m not already trying to make up for lost ground?

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Looks like top-right got you on a bad start there. If you played a little bit more normal and boring, it would be an easier game.

Props for making your own review.


Thanks for the review! I feel like I get off to bad starts in a lot of my games, and manage some comebacks that really shouldn’t happen. In this game, the top, top left, left, and bottom probably could’ve all been killed, at which point I’m behind by 100 points or something similarly awful. Really, if any one of those areas had died, I’d have lost the game. I think I go into emergency mode when see a big moyo starting to appear, and make weak shape trying to either reduce/invade it or build myself up. Something to work on, for sure…