Review request 5kyu vs 5kyu

Hello fine folks,

does anybody mind have a look at my game:

I dont have any specific question this time. Just wanna know, at what aspects of my game i have good and bad habits. (for example shape, opening, midgame, endgame, fighting etc)

I would love to have somebody have a look.

Much appriciated!

Obviously, life and death is one of your main weaknesses.

I also noticed the following bad habit: make forcing moves that help your opponent more than you. For instance

  • move 8 is unnecesary. Just play something like O4.
  • move 42 doesn’t help the group Q9 much, since it is already reasonably solid, and after Black Q16, the hane White O15 loses power.
  • move 76 helps Black make good shape.

Other remarks:

  • move 22 is a bit thin. Usually you want to play lightly when you are in a hostile environment. This is not the case here, so play more solid (D14 or D13).
  • move 28 is slow because it doesn’t make many points, and doesn’t have immediate followups. Better play L3 which threatens G3.
  • move 36: don’t you want to continue on the left side? What is E10 good for then?
  • move 78: why tenuki? I feel the central fight is more important.
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Both players need to reconsider points.
You seem to be too concerned about the middle. Q5 feels like you want to make the middle smaller. F14 is playing for the middle as well. N5 and E10, too. There are actually so many moves in the middle, so it feels like a bad habit. You should instead go for certain points. Probably the best advice, I can give you, is a Korean guideline for the opening:
First go for the corner (approach and josekis). Second you go for wide sides. Third you go for big points.
Try not to thing to much about the Japanese “First go for important moves, than for big moves” - with your habit, you probably overvalue the importance of middle moves.