Review request 5kyu vs 5kyu

Hello everyone,

played a kinda blitz game recently againt a strong 5kyu opponents.

I would like to know, what i handled okay and things i can improve on [Like the sequence, me invading with move 60 (I guess there is a more efficient way to explore aji in that region…)]

Additionally i would appriciate some comments about my fuseki and joseki choice (Like top right, the oppenent misshandled the local area a little bit, but i guess my choice of atari him right away was not the best way of playing that out…

Anyway feel free to comment also on things which i was not aware of, as i was writing this post =)

BIG BIG thank to you for taking the time!!

I always find reviewing blitz games a rather pointless bordering on rude request: you are asking other people to spend more time thinking and writing about your moves than you thought was worth your time/effort in the game.

Review blitz games yourself at a leisurely pace, you will find mistakes yourself with more time and can see where your intuition is lacking. Slow games where you are playing near the peak of your ability are best for review, particularly ones where you can’t see why you lost.