Review request (6k vs 5k)


This is a recently lost game that was very close. I had a lot of fun on it, I tried several things, but I ended up losing 1.5 points (which was a bit frustrating).

This game was an intense one for me, and an analysis on it would make me very happy!

Thank in advance.

I left a few comments in the chat.

Thank you, much appreciated!
And yeah, big mistake for the middle group I wanted to kill.

I didn’t know how to act in this situation.

“A” seems definitely better (but still unnatural for me), but I remember wondering if B wasn’t too passive.

Thank you again, that was very helpful

Yes B is more passive especially because it makes black escaping much more easy

Astropong was wondering whether Black B instead of L3 would be good or too passive. I don’t know for sure but the game move looks a bit too dangerous.

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Ok that should teach me to look a bit more on the games (confusing black and white)

For my small contribution then the moves on the v between the 2 white stones (A M3 and N4) are the shape moves (see attack and def, the book) and the reverse v the wrong ones.

In this diagram (with black L3 removed) R2 stands out to me as a very big move and even a fairly urgent move for either player.
It’s big because of the intrinsic territorial value of the corner and it’s urgent because it affects the bases of a black group and a white group at the same time.


Yes, this type of descent (in the shape marked with the squares in the corner, below, often at the 2-3 or points nearby) tends to be a big mutual key point, as it both makes a big impact on life and death and gives very large yose follow-ups.

If White plays a move to defend the triangled area, the bottom is still open to a sente monkey jump.

And, if White attempts to block around the Q2 area before adding a move to reinforce, for example around O5, there are shape issues in the triangled area for Black to exploit (It would be bad shape at this point for White to block there.)

(Edit: I left some comments in the game. I hope they are helpful!)

After Dia 1 imho Dia 2 should never have been allowed by Black.
Just a fellow 5k’s opinion :grinning:

Dia 1: two weak strings of white stones

Dia 2: White connected into a strong group


In dia 1, white can link up with H17. On top of that, black has a defect at H14. So those white groups don’t look terribly weak to me.


Perhaps not terribly weak, yes, just a big global area to split at H17. ^^

The shape defects at H17 and H14 make it seem better to me to have played H13 more solidly at H14, or perhaps even a solid descent at H17.

(After a wedge directly at H14, for example, this is a bit busy for Black to handle, with aji at both of the triangled points and the hane at A)

Or White can simply hane at H17 to connect, and Black hasn’t accomplished the original goal of splitting after H16.

(Black cannot cut due to aji at the triangled gap at H14)


Thanks a lot guys, your help was really appreciated! :slight_smile: