Review Request: 6k vs 5k

Hi! I’m looking to get the following game reviewed. I thought I played relatively okay in the first 40 moves or so, and was surprised to see that I was consistently outplayed (except for one blunder which briefly let me back into the game). With that said, any feedback (I’m especially curious about the first 60 moves or so) would be great, thanks!

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You played a great game and managed to win, albeit by time with White having a stronger position. Here are a couple of tips based on things I noticed:

  1. Focus on one side during attacks. I noticed that you often tried to play on both sides of an opposing group when attacking. This can be too ambitious. Remember: your opponent can spend all their moves helping their single group while you divide your attention. If you’re spreading yourself too thin, you might end up losing something you worked hard for. So it’s often better to concentrate on one side and make it strong.

  2. Pay attention to tactically urgent moves. There were a few moments where you secured more territory instead of making tactically urgent moves. Keep in mind that territory comes from playing good moves, not just from trying to grab space. If you make the proper moves, you’ll be safe, your opponent will feel pressure, and territory will naturally come your way. Conversely, ignoring urgent moves can shift the balance in your opponent’s favor, and you might lose what you’ve already gained.

Keep up the good work, and happy playing!


Thanks alot for the review! I think a common flaw in my play is that I have this desire to always “get ahead” of my opponent in territory, i.e. stake claims in more areas than they do even if that means weaker stones/groups. I’ve noticed in other games I have this has often caused me to overplay in neutral games.

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