Review request 6kyu vs 5kyu


could somebody ellaborate on my game

Das Spiel ist beendet (

Prospects can be the following:

-> Basic principles in the opening strategy ( Lokal and fuseki pattern to global play , e.p: B move 15 could be played differently? maybe more flexible style?

-> Basic comment about black invading left site

-> Overall strategy focus about black and/or white pattern

Thank you guys

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(11) should be at R3, which is a key point in the corner. This will be a sente exchange, with White playing something like R7. See Play Go at! | OGS. After that exchange, you don’t need to make the table, since White doesn’t as much aji to work with as in Play Go at! | OGS. Allowing White to take R3 was a major mistake, making White’s group strong and your group weak.

On (13) you played away, but you could have defended a little in sente with the turn exchange P6–Q7.

(15) F5 does make some sense due to your lower-side position, but it does induce White to harm the C6 stone after a line like F6 G5 E7, after which you’re going to want a move around C8 to defend on the left. Quite an interesting move, though. Black would usually take the 3-3: see Play Go at! | OGS

You could consider G2 for a different shape on (21), but the game move is fine.

(25) F2 is a bit slow. The C3 stones aren’t all that important.

(27) G18 with the trumpet connection is usual. See Play Go at! | OGS.

You should be able to exchange (43) R8–R6 and then continue by attacking the pincered stones with moves like P15, building the top side.

Overall, I think you should study your corner sequences and compare them, and their results, to those you can see in OGS Joseki and Waltheri.

OGS Joseki does suffer a little from amateur intrusion, but it’s much more reliable than Josekipedia. Waltheri is (almost) purely professional data, but because of that you need to apply more interpretation, especially of the date (eg. 1960s, 1990s etc.) in which a certain move was usually played.

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