Review request 6kyu vs 8kyu

Hello fine folks,

would appriciate some insights about my recent game here:

I do not have any specific question about this game, just want to know my basic style of play

→ Fuseki and joseki
→ Middle game strategy
→ Local and global approach to the game
→ Endgame

Would appriciate some comments on my generel game style this far ( 8 kyu plus minus 1 kyu ).
Appriciate everybody who can give me advise, which part of the game i have to work on !

Thanks a lot in advance



In the fuseki it seems to me you are too generous. So a idea would be to compare and study what you played in the corners and what is considered as fair in the theory . You can use the joseki OGS tool (or books if you have).

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I posted the original game instead of the review, I hope you don’t mind.

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You had no territory at all until your opponent made a massive mistake.

Just take your points in the opening, and if your opponent doesn’t take something of equal value then you’re automatically winning.

I genuinely don’t know what your intent was in the opening. I didn’t understand any of the moves and I couldn’t come up with any kind of plan that you might have had (fast territory, influence, large potential, light fast play creating aji for fighting, etc).

You wanna have a goal in mind when you play, and you want to play in such a way that your moves all aim towards that goal you decided on.


Could you tell me what I should work on specifically… Would appreciate it, because I am too weak to know about my mistakes Sir.

As @Kaworu_Nagisa said. starting when sharing the corners you need to follow some plans. use the established josekis you can find in the tool here to get better results.

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Ai review. I’m not really sure what to comment on either. There was a lot going on with different groups and invasions. I guess there’s a few points where you could’ve cut your opponent but didn’t, but it would take some reading to see why it works/doesn’t, or the strategic timing of some of the cuts.


thanks a lot Sir

Thanks Sir for your answer!