Review request 6kyu vs 8kyu

Hello fine people and go fellows,

i posted this game here recently:

I got some really nice insights from some people and it helped me a lot. The reason i posted this game again is, that i did go over the game by myself with ( AI supported me =)) and i do not know especially how i should had played the bottom right corner and i think there are more efficient ways to play to top right.

Maybe somebody could elaborate shortly on there two things.

Thank you guys, have fun playing this awesome game =)

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I am similar level (6k) so maybe not expert advice but a few things that spring to mind:

  • Lower-right:

    • Why pincer? Why that pincer? I’m not saying pincer or that pincer is wrong, I just can’t see obvious reason to choose those. I would just choose simple territorial attach and draw back joseki.
    • Why cross-cut against attachment stone? When white cuts, white already has extension from cross-cut so white has an advantage. Why not just simple hane on the right of the attachment stone? Again, I’m not saying it’s wrong, just I can’t see the reason.
  • Upper-right:

    • Why enclose? Why enclose then? Why enclose that direction? Why that enclosure? Again, not wrong, just important to know why you chose a particular variation or direction. Enclosure aims at side extension and the other direction is more open, so I’m not sure if this direction and this enclosure is best. I thought White’s approach was a bit weak so black got lucky and got a big territory.

The pincer in the lower right is actually a pretty advanced modern pincer. But that joseki is quite complicated and you made a mistake almost immediately. Move 29 should have been at R2 (see Play Go at! | OGS). But it wasn’t too bad, because the AI thinks you only lost 1 point in that exchange from move 24 to move 36.

And then white killed himself in the lower left to give you a big lead.

The exchange in the upper right (move 92 to move 96) was a small gain for black (black’s lead increased by about 3 points according to AI). Black got a nice large corner territory. Did you expect more?


Actually no Sir, but I dont know, according to AI they Could had been a more efficient way to play ( for instance press w down on top right, to use the *?! influence?! * on top left middle… I don’t know^^

Well, you didn’t lose many points from move 92 to move 96, so you did fine. But I wouldn’t be surpised if the AI saw a different strategy that was slightly better (like 1 point or less improvement). But I would just ignore that unless you’re really interested in that other strategy. AI cannot explain themselves, so it may be difficult to understand their ideas for anyone who is not a pro (and even they won’t understand sometimes).

When using AI review at your level, I think it’s better to focus first on fights that lost 10+ points or missed 10+ point opportunities (like the wild score swings from move 47 to move 86, marking big tactical mistakes by both players in the lower left fight).

Which move do you mean (can you provide a sequence)? Building influence and pressing down is not automatically better than taking territory. It depends.

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Something like this… I think this kinda play came up by a person couple of days ago.

If I watch it now multiple times, I would say that was a good alternative play, matches fine with blacks kinda framework, influence things on top left middle.

But I am to weak to know properly xD. So what you think of pressing w down Sir.

BIG BIG thanks

Oh actually it’s the same game… Hmm seems not to work.

I write the sequence in addition

After white 92, b 017, w r17, b r16, w o18 etc

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Move 37 is a good example of lack of direction in my opinion. Your stones on the lower side lack a base of life they can come under attack easely (consider K3 ), so as black i would come from this lower side. Besides there is no reason yet to put a stone there on the left under white’s influence instead of playing in the still open areas.

I will not play H5 (51) as i don’t know yet if i want to peep here or cut. That could become a thank you move (thanks to help me connect)

K2 is bad shape when there is that stone at k4.

A10 better at B9

Note: no need for ‘Sir’ every 20 words thanks


First thanks for commenting again Sir.

As I am looking at the game over and over you all might be right with your views.

I don’t know, but I have the feeling I can learn more out of this particular game.
I mean I did some horrible shapes, but I still felt I played decent… Would really appreciate some sequences, how I could had played top or bottom.

Anyway highly highly appreciated


Yes, I agree that black has enough influence to consider a moyo strategy there. But I can’t say if that would be definitely better. It still depends on individual skills and taste. And a moyo strategy is more speculative than a territorial strategy. When you’re leading, a territorial strategy may be safer.

Also, reading/predicting a sequence like that is difficult when both players play many unexpected moves, as in this game.


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