Review request 6kyu vs kyu

Hello everyone,

can anybody have a overall look at my pros and cons about my game

BIG BIG thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am in my “maintain good shape and consistent strategy” phase so here are some things in the context:

Making the San-ren-sei usually means “I want to develop this side”. Pincering that white stone, while the triangle stone is there is the opposite of that strategy and indeed, some moves later you have lost most of the advantages of the fuseki:

There are many things white can potentially play, yet that L17 extention that wants to create a double wing, instead of the usual corner approach at F17, returns back to the “I want to develop this side” strategy you had previously abandoned. And you do so again immediately with the next moves:

Move 5 is on all sorts of wrong direction, pre-pincered, creating too many groups kind of errand and now you have stones all over the board that are weak and ready to be attacked or pincered.

When eventually one such attack happens it is important to note that the two stones marked with a triangle are NOT connected and this is a bad shape, which, however, with the slight sacrifice of that one stone could see you return successfully into one of your previous desires, like this:

Thus, giving you a lot of influence towards the center, since White already has more of it.
It is impressive to note that from the San-ren-sei, at the end of the game, you got FIVE points.

So, a good and easy to implement advice is this:
Think what your moves aim to do, try to have a consistent strategy on the board and try not to create too many weak groups at the same time. Hope it helps, good luck and have fun playing! :slight_smile: