Review request 7k versus 6k

I would like a review of the following game

I play Black (Wulfenia) and lose by 10.5 points.

I am happy with any advice, I have also some specific questions:

Move 13: Should it have been one closer to threaten the cut? (White’s response made that moot in the game)

Move 41: How should I handle this cross-cut? I think that the outcome was ok, but should have been a bit better for Black.

Move 59: Is this a good response to the reduction/invasion?

Move 13: R10 threatens the cut too. Honestly it’s hard to tell which is best.

Move 41: Q14 is too soft, you should not let white attach at Q17 in the first place. To me P17 looks like the right answer to O16.

Move 61: move 59 looks just right. I think 61 is ok too, but then you need to help the weaker stone, for example with J8. White will struggle with the center stones, and the ensuing battle will give you both points and a foothold for invading the lower side.

Responding to K14 is too small, you should instead start reducing the lower left.

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Thank you for your helpful answers.