Review request : 7k vs 1d - not sure where it went wrong


I reviewed this game quickly. I don’t get to play dan players very often, so I also would like a stronger player’s opinion on this one. I already put my questions/thoughts in the review, though I would welcome comments on anything I missed.

I also should mention it was not a balanced game, it went very wrong at some point, but I think the early game was good for me.

Well… i’m no Dan, but your judgment about the early game seems a little off…

W’s extension wasn’t so much an overplay as just a flexible invitation to you to play an invasion, as you did. Your play on the right side allowed W to connect, making a large, strong position and you got little to compensate… and your moyo on the top was nowhere near as settled as you think it is, so instead of being ahead after move 37 as you thought you were, you were already behind.

Then the joseki you chose on the lower left side and your follow-up, sealed the deal; after W move 68 the game was over.
Interestingly, played correctly by both W and B, the attachment in the lower left actually can work for you and i’m going to remember it and try it some more myself.


Thank you very much for taking the time. I wasn’t asking specifically for a dan player, just someone who would be able to spot my mistakes significantly better than me - and show good alternatives. Which you did amazingly, your comments are spot on. Thank you.

I clicked your game and provided some variations. It’s my first time doing so I hope you can see them :slight_smile:

This was very insightful, it answered a lot of my questions. Thank you.

I could see your variations and comments, but a couple times you mentioned a ‘A’ position that didn’t appear on the board (specifically at move 53 and 60, near the end). I don’t mind at all, the comments are great and I learned a lot, but you were worried about it, so I figured I’d let you know.

Anyway, thank you again!