Review request: 7k vs 2k

I feel like this game is a good opportunity for me to learn from. I’d be interested to know how you feel I did in the different phases of the game, as well as a general review of mistakes and good moves.

Thank you! :bowing_man:


I have a few items of advice.

  • Try to develop an instinct for weak and strong groups. If there are weak groups, you can often attack them in sente for profit. If there aren’t any weak groups, look for opportunities to start a fight in an advantageous environment. Alternatively, you will need to grow faster than your opponent.
  • You have a very defensive style of play that is ultimately slow. Your opponent grew faster than you, so White steadily overcame the handicap by playing faster moves, and you never tried to contest it. For example, take a look again at move 30. Is there a better place you could have played that would grow faster? Any weak groups you could have attacked? Anywhere where it makes sense to invade or reduce?
  • You played your first endgame play on move 46. Was the middle game already over on turn 46?
  • On moves 50 and 52 you created a stick in the center of the board in no-mans-land. The center isn’t very good for creating territory. Rather than making sticks in neutral territory, think about playing a reduction in your opponent’s moyo (sphere of influence) like N13

I left a couple of comments also in the game chat.