Review request 7k vs 4k

I would like some advice on the game:

I am Black and lose by 9.5 points (my opponent resigned during stone removal and you are welcome to find an explanation for it as they don’t seem to have a sandbagging history, but that does not change that I lost by 9.5 points).

Some remarks and questions:

I play Chinese opening and my opponent invaded at move 12. I was not sure how to handle this invasion, so I tried to lean on the top before attacking the invader. However, my leaning attack didn’t look completely right to me, I suspect that my opponent reacted too weakly to it, so I would like some feedback on this sequence.

At move 49 again, I think that it was not good which did not come completely apparent because my opponent probably did not punish it enough, but let me keep all the moyo from the previous chase. It is possible that they counted and decided that it was enough, but that seems unlikely.

Was move 67 the right choice or should I have taken a side of the corner in change for a little reduction of my moyo?

Move 69: Should I have started the ko at all? Or maybe later?

  • 13 Strong improvement from the last time I saw you in a similar situation. Leaning with O16 is good. Your opponent could have given you more trouble with N16 instead of N17, but he didn’t, so it was smooth sailing for you. Instead of leaning, you can also play O14 if you want to avoid that.

  • 43 C8 was a bit slow. You can go all the way to C6, or invade directly with C3 (normal when black has the large keima enclosure). G5 to expand your moyo also looks good.

  • 49 You should probably just block at K3. It is a good exchange for you. But N3 isn’t necessarily bad either.

  • 67 H9 is fine, and a big point, but perhaps R13 is bigger. There is also some aji around the bottom left corner, for examples, starting with the atari at F5 and then the attachment at D5, followed by the hane towards the corner with C4. Lots of possibilities there.

  • 69 Maybe you should save the ko, but I am not sure. White has R15 as the biggest ko threat, so again, maybe you should play R13 first.

  • 116 Unfortunately, this move is too small and let white take a clear lead. You should leave that hane to white. D7, which protects the left side in sente, is bigger.

Good game, overall.

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Thanks a lot for your advice.