Review request (7k vs 7k)


This is a recently game of mine. I was basically behind all the time and got lucky at the end. There was at one time a wall but it could not help with the territory. The fightings were intense for me but I am not sure whether it was in the right direction.

Could you give some advice on my problems and the way to improve : D

Thank in advance.

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In the beginning White is rather permissive. Black can occupy some big points. From around move 40 you suddenly start to play more aggressive. Your opponent accepts the challenge and fighting is all over the board. In the end you capture a group and your opponent resigns.

But what would you have done if your opponent would have started to play more safely, securing points, build up strength and keeping your territory as small as possible?

You would have lost this game.

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Many thanks !
I have no clear concept of being permissive or aggressive : I was following the corners first principle : D The few moves starting from move 40 were played (at least in my mind : D) to build a better shape to get out of the surrounding stones. What is the correct better way to play in your opinions ?

Do you happen to mean that move 30 at O3 is aggressive since it most probably would get P3 followed by pincer and lead to fight ? Would P2 be a safer position to play ? : D

Put some variants in game chat.

With O3 you help your opponent. gets to strengthen the corner and later on play M3. The two stones have no basis at the side now and have to run into the centre.

You get the opportunity to build a wall, but Black can neutralise the influence of that wall imediately (and does so in the game.)

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Many thanks for your variations !

For the lower right, what would be a better choice than O3 to reduce black’s territory ? Actually, was the bad-for-white situation caused by move 20 at the top right corner ? It seems the few moves after move 20 strengthen black, plus black got senti to play move 29 : D

With O11 and K4 Black became very strong down right. Better reducing the territory than invading it. So not a move on the third line but rather on the fourth line (or higher).

Maybe A or B?

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Makes sense ! Then my opening moves that led to O11 and K4 were the deeper cause ? : D

Starting from this picture, A, being easier to retreat from, looks a bit better for me : D