Review request 7kyu vs 3 kyu

Hello fine folks,

can anybody pls make some comments about my game?!

I made some comments by myself, in my view I lost the game around move 127. I think I could have made more efficient shape, with a knights move…

Anyway general topics could be:

→ General opening (yeah I know I played kinda unorthodox, But I tried to play a more influential game, I am currently experimenting with it ^^

→ I guess fighting was an issue too… Maybe I attacked that white middle group wrongly…

Endgame sucks I know hahahhah

Thank you guys

Losing by a mere 10 points to an opponent 4k better than you while playing a rather unorthodox opening is not bad.

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  • I would exchange e4 as well on bottom left before moving on. I don’t think there’d be a better way to use this aji. Maybe some mid-high dan could refute this point

  • S18 is usually too small comparing to r11, as white I would’ve responded by taking r12 or so

  • To L6 I would respond with L4, it’s massive for points and for attacking. But if not then instead of n4 I would definitely play around h16

  • Instead of h16 definitely milk the corner more before moving on, like c17 and if white takes c18 is still sente

  • Instead of k15 I would’ve tried something on top instead of killing all of that aji. Looking at k17 at following the sequence so as to set up a double atari after the sequence g18 g17 h17 j18 (double atari). If that doesn’t work then at least I would push white down and take j16 in sente. Corner milking needs done at this point too (it’s still possible even if white resists with d18)

  • P11 is close to a pass comparing to how hot upper left remains. Also it’s not sente against the corner group as white seems to have thought (for reasons unclear to me)

  • G7 - your bottom group has a base and your left stones face a strong position, so I would take this opportunity and attack white instead. As the fight continues you may get to fix this shape naturally. So I’d play L8

  • Definitely play at least p7 to disconnect explicitly. White should tenuki your kick since white still has s2 to live

  • I see what you’re concerned about with n4 but you can do the same in a more active way by playing hane at o7. If white cross cuts then extending to the left will keep you connected, and if white fixes that shape, you can ask to connect via p8 atari and only then connect up, when all the options are exhausted (just make sure they’re not bad exchanges if you want to implement this into your games). After this sequence you’re connected and white is still under a threat.

  • J4 is ok, though worse than H5, but only if you still understand that white is dead locally if you get to play first in this area (starting with j7). If you didn’t see that then shape wise I would tenuki after white k5 instead of ending up in gote here.

That’d be 100 moves from me.