Review request 7kyu vs 6kyu


would appriciate an overall review about this game:


Big thanks

(3) is a move that is aimed at influence, where (1) is aimed at territory. This feels inconsequential. White will have no problem forming a group in that corner as the moves (10) to (20) show.

(5) a move at D3/D4 secures that corner.

(21) Capture that cutting stone. If you don’t, sooner or later White will start walking with it.

(32) starting with (32) White builds a great wall and isolates Black in the corner. Things go well for White.

(59) better connect at R7.

(64-72) White gets to build another strong wall.

(80) White has two groups and Black has four groups! Not good for Black. Conclusion: White stones work better together as a team compared to Black.

(84) White starts to walk. Ladder doesn’t work because of the top right White wall.

(84-92) Solid play of White. (92) threatens two Black eyeless groups at the same time. The game becomes really difficult for White. (For what it is worth: SE give White a almost 50 point lead. So Black needs a big upset.)

(114) Up to (114) Black goes walking into the centre. White gets to play some good strong defensive move and the Black group (16 stones big) is still eyeless.

Don’t see where Black can create space for 2 eyes.
Think resignation here would have been justified.
Two lessons for Black from this game:

  • connect your groups (capture the cutting stone)
  • abandon a heavy group in time


looks like OP is white


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Or when under pressure (doing some sabaki), you can think of giving the tail to keep the trunk.

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To conclude: to get an useful review, OP should post a lost game, or at least a won game which wasn’t one-sided.