Review Request - 8k/6k game, try living in the center

Hello everybody,
Sorry take your time, but someone can help-me with a review? I’m black.
Thank you very much.

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Up until move 97 you were on your way to win this game.
Then you jumped too far into the centre. White started a fight and killed your group. End of game.
Solution would have been to reduce White’s territory in a more careful way.
Why start a fight in the centre when you are ahead in territory?

L11 is dubious as it doesn’t ensure the connection. There is a better move which connects.

With (17), I’d be a little more comfortable to play M17 and push White westward, towards your enclosure. In the game, your top-right group ends up a bit cramped.

You took a big point with (25), the 3-3, but you didn’t attack the baseless stone which White just placed into your territory; that was slack.

(37) M14, the double hane, is a little more forceful and more sente. The only issue is that the aforementioned cramping of the top right might become relevant.

(39) Q10 is already more than the position required of you. You were ahead – even a play as quiet as H13 seems enough. That said, I’m not saying that the invasion was unreasonable.

(43) P9 is a bit heavy if White refuses to play S9 and, instead, actively attacks these stones. P10 or even P10 would be lighter.

(55) is appropriate in two cases: sabaki (life under pressure) and endgame. This is neither, and it’s therefore small. It’s fine to just respond to White’s shoulderhit.

The (57) D2 maneouvre is, again, more than the position calls for. I don’t think it’s even possible to pull the original stone out if White properly resists. In the game, you managed to save that stone but in the process you gave White a lot of influence, enabling him to play for the centre. This was the root of your problem in the game – that you allowed White this resource.

(71)–(72) is a bad exchange if you mean to hane anyway. If you’re going to hane, just hane and don’t give White a stone.

No need to grovel for second-line points with (83). This would have been a good time to play in the centre.

(91) O12 is a very safe move, but it’s also quite passive. It would have been stronger to move into the centre, eg. with M10, especially after White allowed the (91)–(92) exchange.

As other people said, you jumped a bit too far with (97) M9. However, note that you could have continued (101) M11 (102) L10 (103) L11 etc. and still maintained a connection between the M10 and O11 stones, if not between M10 and L9.

After White disconnects your stones, the questions worth asking are more tactical than strategic.

(113) K11 isn’t a very “shapey” move – it doesn’t threaten to make any eyes, so it’s easy for White to ignore. Other than that, there isn’t a lot to say.

Your key mistake was overvaluation of second-line territory, first with the (57)–(65) sequence and then with (83). By the time White got (90), he had been able to form a “winning idea”, which he “just” had to successfully execute.

If you’d played, say, (57) H4 then White would have had much less sway in the centre and you’d have had a tighter grip on the game.


Thank you all very much!!! I Loved the reviews.

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