Review request 8k vs 14k

Another one. I really misused the handicap advantage.

Please share your thoughts.


Yes at times… R17 (first played move) is not that efficient. Consider pincers in medium handicap games. Keima are bit too conservative, pincers will make all your 44 shining all together.
Anyway your double pincer at the bottom went quite well finally, just take a break and think to develop your weak stones, not your strong one (your bignuki is a strong group, like an aircraft carrier)


Yes, I feel like Black has a lot of thickness and influence in the game and overall could have used it to attack more?

(By the way, I like the term bignuki and the analogy, haha ^^)

I left some comments in the game and reviewed it, hope they help !

I feel like Gia’s play has improved a lot though, from games we played+what I saw in review requests before ^^


A couple of thoughts:

  1. When you’re attacking, aiming for territory is often simpler and more effective than building influence.

In the game, Black used the weak white group to build influence while White secured territory along the lower side and in the corner.

Blocking the white group’s access to the lower side area as a source of territory and forcing it into the center might have been more effective for Black. This way, Black could secure even more territory on the left side while White runs.

  1. The lower-right area ended in a big loss for Black. Explore ways to support the weakening black group and improve its situation.


I know, I’m just afraid of 33s. Honestly, better throw a spider at me.
(which I know I should just study the standard 33 joseki…)

Thank you, following your review I think I’m finally starting to actually understand the concept of aji keshi.

This isn’t at all how I was thinking about it! Framing my moves this way will help a lot.

As always, I’m eternally thankful to the OGS community for the guidance. :slight_smile: