Review request 8k vs. 7k

I played black in the following game:

I lost a group with a stupid mistake at the end, but in my judgment, the game was lost before that and there were a couple of moments where I am quite unsure about a move.

I am happy with any feedback, but I am particularly interested in the following moves:

Move 23: Is a response to move 22 absolutely necessary? If yes, was move 23 a good choice or is connecting in a line better?

Move 25: Is it a good idea to try to destroy white’s bottom at this moment or would it have been better to play directly at O5 to build peacefully?

Move 35: In the game, this didn’t turn out well. Was is a mistake or did I just play badly afterwards?

Move 51: Would it have been better to play G5 to tentatively connect and let white in turn destroy any remnant of a black moyo?

Move 57: Is the invasion at a good moment? Should it rather have been at D17? In both cases, is it expected to survive?

Thanks for any help.

Necessary, yes. P4 is not a good idea as it reinforces white while black still has weaknesses in the corner. I would have played Q2.

I’d say it is a matter of taste. It’s just that J3 seems too deep and locally I would have played on the 4th line. White’s response was bad and helped black reinforce the stone.

Move 37 should be used to help the lonely stone(e.g. play N8)

With this shape, consider the peep at E4. I added a variation in your review.

Looks ok to me, actually bigger than L10.

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Thanks a lot. It seems that it is a big problem that I don’t consider some moves at all.