Review request (8k)

Hi, I just made a interesting and tight game (unfortunately, it ended by timeout, I don’t know who would have won otherwise).

A small review would be appreciated, but honestly I don’t know where would be the “interesting” part to comment, as there were many moves where I was wondering what to do.

According to the AI, the 3 worst moves were from me…

Thanks in advance!


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I tried to help a bit - but by 80 or so moves in I’m finding it hard to know/understand what the big moves are. It’s probably the point where properly one should count to see who’s ahead and by how much and then decide is it enough to reduce opponents points and make a few more yourself, or to try and be more aggressive etc.

Anyway someone else might be able to help a bit more than me.


Wow, thank you very much for this review. That was very instructive and useful for me!

And thank you for the detailed analysis at the move 36, I was wondering how to play here.

Have an nice day and thank you again