Review Request 9k/7k

I find it awkward that an AI just gave up his entire group just to get a few extra points. I felt I played poorly, but GnuGo made some big blunders that could have been avoided. Please review my game.

hi @Seminyoon11,
it certainly is akward. but then again GnuGo is notorious for tenukiing at strange times and having an alltogether goofy style.
that is probably also the reason you havent received a review yet, when friendly folks here are usually quick about it. people (talking about myself first and foremost here xD) dont like reviewing games against bots very much, especially when they are also won games. please post human v human games in the future (preferrably ones you lost), you will be much happier with the resulting reviews :wink: .

nevertheless i made a very short review for you, ihope there is something helpful in there. enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a 5 kyu handicap game against Leela. After each win, a handicap stone is removed and the game goes to the next rank (5 kyu to 4 kyu, etc.) I currently lose against Leela in 4 kyu games. I will post an example soon.
5 kyu opening game

5 kyu end game


-Joe W.

I kept playing until Leela won- here’s the 3 kyu game where Leela wins by 7.5 stones.

??? Why is this thread being necro’d.


Good question. @joe.wojniak please open a new thread for displaying your bot games.

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