Review request: 9k game


I won this game but it feels like I did a lot of mistakes / overplayed several times, even though my opponent didn’t punish too severely. I felt like I was in real trouble more than once but solving the live and death problems involved is a bit over what I was capable of so I just played moves that felt right and I miraculously lived nearly everywhere. So I’d really love to see a review of this game to see how my opponent could’ve killed my groups.

I added a review with a few thought ; nothing special except that the opponent (apparently randomly) stopped playing the kos.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Ok, so both sides missed large opportunities (normal!) :smile: .

B took lead early… and W missed a big opportunity to punish B for his overplay invasion on LL side… by attacking B from wrong side and by not taking sente to benefit from wall… both of which would have led to easy W wins.

B also missed opportunity to maybe kill the W group and then missed easy opp to win by unreasonable effort on top


  • think about sente once group is alive… don’t make it ‘even more alive’
  • don’t defend, instead counter attack
  • attack from weak side first

Very instructive review. Thank you :slight_smile: