Review request 9k vs 9k + seki(?)


I’d like some thoughts about this game:

When it started it was 7k against 11k. I was black.
I think I was super confident because of the opponent’s rank and because I had three corners, one of them very big.
In the end ranks were balanced: 9k vs 9k.

Around move 110 I noticed that I was behind in territory (is it right?) and then decided to attack the left side white group which seemed quite weak.
Any comment or suggestion about this attack is welcome.
The attack ended with a seki. But I’m not too sure, so please confirm that.

My opponent resigned at move 185.
My estimate of final score is 76 black / 74,5 white, so I don’t know why he should resign.
However, if I look at the whole board at a glance, I can’t believe the score was so even. Black territory looks so big!

I tried to (briefly) answer your questions. :3

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