Review request DDK 12kyu vs 12kyu

Hello fine folks,

i post here some game review request now and then. Recently i played against some SDK, which went pretty bad for me…

At the moment i find myself again stuck at 12kyu, which pretty sucks (Was 9-10 kyu for a while).

Whatever, i have another game here, which i lost by small margin of points.

I did a quick review by myself and made some comments, which I THINK could be helpful for me as DDK??!

Even tho i lost, i think i can get A LOT out of THIS PARTICULAR game.

Basic topics i think are interesting are the following:

  • Use your wall effectivly (I think i made a mistake, with playing slow move on 43? -> Look my suggestion on the review?!)

  • Fighting issues ( The move 111 was a mistake??!, maybe better instead P2 … Maybe i should had put white into the middle, ladder does not work at move 117 in the review??!)

  • Would also maybe (shortly) appriciate a comment on move 188, maybe i could turned things around?!)

Thanks to all of you for your patient time!!


move 43. -48% for Black. After this, Black’s winrate was close to 0% until move 170.
Try to understand why move 43 is so small.

move 170. -83% for White. (G10: 98% for White)
move 171. -65% for Black. (G10: 77% for Black)
move 191. -86% for Black. (E1: 80% for Black)
move 221. -78% for Black. (Q2: 98% for Black)



I made a review that is still incomplete. I’m tired today so I will come back to it later. I couldn’t figure out a way to build on your review, whether it is possible to make my comments and branches distinguishable from yours etc. I think it is good that you are asking specific questions about the game as AdamR explained in another thread.

EDIT next day:

My review is now finished.

To answer comments in your own review:

  • Variation after move 17 makes both groups solid. However, white has more potential toward center (black feels a bit “pushed down”) and it gives the initiative to white.
  • At move 43 in variation, yes that’s one possibility. After that at move 4, white stone is in a ladder.
  • At move 45 in 2nd variation, kosumi from the corner is also a possibility.
  • At move 111 in variation, yes it would be a tough battle for white i think. After that at move 9, black can capture the 4 white stones since they only have two liberties.
  • At move 189 in variation, yes it does prevent white from spilling into neither center nor left. (Check that j4 doesn’t work.)
  • At move 198 in variation, yes you would have won at that point.
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I made a review as well. if you have any questions let me know :slight_smile: