Review request DDK 15k 19x19


would appriciate some comments on game.

Made some notes by myself already, hope they help!!

Topic:-> Direction of play starting at move 11?!
-> Killing, sourrounding stuff, beginning at move 55 ( I dont know, how to sourround with best move the stone Q8??!

Thanks guys, appriciate!!


One error in direction of play, in my opnion, was not attempting to harass the two white stones in the lower right corner, particularly after you build a wall of influence in the bottom left. White’s two stones don’t have a base yet, and not playing a move like n3 or something is a missed opportunity to profit from an attack on these two white stones.


When I created a review, there were already your variations and comments in there somehow. Anyhow, I made some variations and comments as well.

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On the direction-of-play issue at move 11, I think the answer was a two-space pincer, either high or low. This video should show you why:


Thanks lot Sir,

yeah i often get into failure, when playing Kobayashi fuseki by myself.

Maybe i should try Chinese fuseki instead :smiley: haha (Just kidding here)

This video looks like a great help, but little toooo long to watch entirely, but VERY useful

Thanks a lot!!!

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