Review request DDK game

Hello fine folks,

i would appriciate somebody reviewing my game.

I made already a self review, in order to let you know about my issues.

First i was not sure, how to respond to move 4?!
Secondly, i got into headed fight on right site. I know that we do not aim to kill, instead to sourround, BUT i just thought i let white escape to easily?!
Thirdly i would appriciate short comment on 200 move (around), if black could manage to kill white in bottom left?!

Thanks guys, appriciate

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made a review but it is very late at night and I hope I got things right. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry Sir, but there is no review unfortunately.

But thanks for your kind response, highly appriciated Sir!

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This is the direct link to JethOrensin’s review:

You can always find linked reviews above the chat of the original game.


Made a review as well. Enjoy.

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