Review request DDK game

Hello fine folks,

would appriciate an overall review about this game:

I think i made some mistakes to the end of the game but i am not sure.

Would appriciate comments on the following:

  • MOYO
  • SENTE and GOTE
  • General opening theory

Thanks guys, APPRICIATE

One move that catches my eye quite early in the game is your shoulder hit on the P3 approach. Obviously this is not a common response to this low approach, but it seems to me like your thought process was that you wanted to limit the potential of white’s growth on the bottom side. Given that idea, it seems like your choice to fix the cut at R5 is inconsistent with the original idea of the shoulder hit, because you have left this cut at P5 behind where the ladder is obviously not in your favour. I think it would have been more in line with the original thought process to instead fix the P5 cut, perhaps with a tiger mouth, and leave the R4 stone hanging. If white chooses to cut off the R4 stone, you sacrifice it and end up with a more solid wall on the outside. This is as far as I’ve looked through the game so far, but I wanted to bring it up as a point of discussion about how you can have an idea in mind, but then not really follow up on that idea fully.


Thanks, commenting Sir

My pleasure.

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