Review request DDK vs SDK game


would appriciate somebody review this game:


  • How to play mini chinese as black here
  • General opening, mid game and endgame play ( Espescially question, if black did tenuki too much / for example b move on 49)
  • General invading and reduction play ( for example should b extend after shoulderhit on move 55?)

Thanks for helping me out

First, this opening is called low Chinese, mini Chinese is something different.
Then in the game white didn’t come in the best place at all, but you stopped to attack him too early to split the upper side, do he got the chance to play again on the lower side.
If you want more on the Chinese opening, you can check relentless the free book on OGS, game 3 and 5.

It’s a bit high for DDK so as you can read.

Second you play by shapes more as by reading you have many times incomplete ideas or goals and you put yourself in some extreme situation that you don’t master. Well what can I say? You know already: read more, think more… Ok it’s hard so at least try things that you can master in a more easy way.

So don’t get overwhelmed by what you read or hear, practice your shapes with more sense and reading, don’t tenuki too much too :wink:

Read fundamentals of go and attack and defense sometimes.

Good luck in your progress.

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BIG Thanks SIR!!!