Review request DDK vs SDK


can somebody review my game?

Thanks a lot!!!

On (7), I’d advise you to block at R16. This way it’s easiest to keep Q9 as a useful stone.
eg. bR16 Q17 - P16 O18 - D4

White (12) is too much (the joseki here is wR14 - Q15 S13 - S16 T15 - S17 R18 - S18). Sometimes White can play Q18 directly, but it’s a special-case variation that, also, does not aim to keep the corner in most cases. (13) and (15) are correct.

White (16) is weak; he should connect at R18. You can now defend your defect by fixing at O17 in sente – you threaten to play S18 and kill the corner. So, (17) is a bad exchange. I made a similar mistake last week or the week before in a different shape.

This shows that when your opponent “fixes” his corner shape with a descent to the first line, your first thought should always be to fix your outside shape and check whether you’re threatening a play inside, usually a peep. It might not seem like you lost anything in the game, but you actually lost sente and only got P19 for it.

White (20) is a bit too much, White should play a lighter move like Q5, Q4, or even avoid the whole position with N4 (eg. wN4 - Q5 K4). Your moves (21) – (27) are correct.

With (29) I’d go further; taking the star point directly is a little slack. You can cap the 3-3 (eg. bD16 D17 - E16 F17 - H16 B15 - D13) or approach (eg. bE16 D15 - E15 D15 - D17 C18 and now the star point.)

White (30) is very greedy and a big overplay. You can easily bully this stone in many ways, either from left (eg. bL17 N15 - L14) or from the centre (eg. bM16 K18 - N16 J17 - J16) . You do have to be mindful of the defect at Q15, but you can deal with a cut there fairly easily: wQ15 - P15 Q14 - P14 Q13 - R12. Just because you don’t know what to do, don’t do nothing! If you do something and do it wrong, there’s the opportunity to learn.

I’m not really sure whether (37) is reasonable. It’s a complicated move compared to bL16 M17 - N15.
I could see it continuing bM17 L16 - N18 M16 - M18 K15 - J16.
(39) on the other hand is inconsistent – either fight or cover the centre, you can’t do both. (43) should probably just be M15.

(56) is another overplay by White, but again you freeze up and don’t attempt to resist or punish it. There seems to be a pattern here, no? Any reasonable move seems playable here: C10, C9, D9, D8, E9, E8 etc. Again, a bad move is better for learning than no move.

On (63) isn’t bad, but if White plays F3 you don’t want to continue to G4. Use it as a kikashi to support a move like G6 of F7. I’m not sure White (64) is reasonable, but it doesn’t look immediately un-reasonable. The way you escape with (67) – (73) is perfectly fine.

On (81) you can escape with bB8 B9 - C9 C7 - D8 A8 - D7 and similar variations. Sacrificing the stones was a nice idea, though it seems like White had (84) D7. There was no reason not to get in (89) B7 though, since it threatens the atari at A6 to bring out the four stones that White worked unreasonably hard to capture.

From (89_ to (95), you do a good job of building influence for your central moyo. (97), though, should stay consistent to that strategy with D12 to force from above, or even F12, E13, or D13.

You’re correct to force against the isolated stone with (99) – (103), but you should recognise that you now have enough strength to cut at E9 which will really improve the cooperation of your stones.

(119) is a good shape but probably gote. (121) is too much – you don’t have enough liberties to fight here. Instead, sacrifice the stones with bG13 F14 - G14 F15 - G11. However, you wise up to the mistake and keep things on track.

(131) sacrifices too much, though. If you connect at Q15, White gets quite little aji in this area because the damezumari of you threatening to bring out the N16 stone.

Then the winrate graph goes crazy, presumably because there’s a close endgame. I can’t review endgame worth a damn, so I’ll leave things here.


Di-did I uphold the honour of the OGS forum reviewers?


Thanks a lot… I do play this out on my real goban for sure!!

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@gennan @GOkyle I like that when I click on the heart, your profiles make it say GG :stuck_out_tongue:

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