Review Request for 20 kyu against 10 k bot

I have just started playing the game about 2 weeks ago, today I played against a bot that is supposed to be around 10 k on OGS. it would be great if someone can review this game, as it is always hard for me to understand how my opponents almost always end up with larger territories after the early part of the game is finished.
Thanks in advance :smiley:
heres the game


also i do recognize that i made a blunder at lower right corner, but idk if i can win have i not dont that, it is kinda hard for me to guess the winner by just looking even at a game thats finished for some reason

also if anyone wants to do a teaching game for me (or with me if u r a complete beginner :D) i would rly appreciate it!

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It all came down to that endgame move at move 54, 55. You were slightly ahead just before that. This move comes up in every game, and it is important that you protect it!

Hit me up if you want to play a teaching game


Thank you so much for the review :smiley: it is rly helpful! It seems Iā€™m having difficulty mainly about telling whether something is settled or not. :3

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