Review request for 5k vs 6k

I would appreciate any advice, I am White and resigned after 87 moves.


I decided to make a review as a bit of an experiment and practice for myself, even though I’m a few stones weaker than you (~8-10k depending on the day). Therefore, take everything I say with a grain of salt if you see a problem with it.

I saw three potential problems with the game.

1. Opening Theory -

  • In general, Corners > Approaches/Enclosures > Side Extensions > Invasions / other middle game stuff.

  • At move 14, you ignore this order and invade directly.

  • Without established bases on other parts of the board that would come from a normal opening, your invasion group had no support. Therefore, it had no friends to run to, and black could chase it into the center to strengthen his stones and profit.

2. Prioritizing Territory over Weak Groups

  • In particular, moves 28, 42, and 44 stuck out to me as wasted opportunities to save your weak center group. While all might be fine in normal circumstances, it’s bad timing when you have an extremely weak group on the board. ( The bottom was big, but reducible and smaller than a dead group…)
  • Even if you thought your center group could survive a fight if necessary, these moves allowed black to keep attacking it severely - making huge profit on the top and bottom center.

3. Shape

  • I can’t help you much with specifics (since I’m terrible at it…), but I can tell that you could improve your fighting significantly if you improved your understanding of shape.

  • Dwyrin’s videos are great for this - especially his “Back to the Basics” series (designed for SDKs mainly) if you haven’t seen them

Hope some of this is helpful! Feel free to let me know if you see any problems with any of the things here or in my review (you are stronger than me after all…)

Hey, I’m about 5 / 6k so here are my fifty cents:

Some Remarks:

  1. You probably didn’t need to invade on move 14 (as pointed out by @Swabby8), the moyo isn’t a huge issue since there are larger areas to play for on the board (plus you had a weak group)

  2. You could actually tenuki instead of connecting your two invasion stones at move 50. If black kills, he gains 7 points, but white gets to play two moves in a row (tenuki + extra move if black cuts), definitely a lot larger than connecting in gote!

  3. You could have probably saved the connection by playing a different variation (I posted some variations at ~move 70, maybe someone stronger can point out if they don’t work). Though it’ll still be a very tough game for white to catch up.

In General

  1. This game white fell into the defensive because of that weak group. I would definitely agree that the invasion at 14 was too premature. There are unapproached corners to handle than to create an unsettled weak group this early in the game.

  2. When escaping with your weak group, try to play moves that puts pressure on your opponent’s weak group also. Black had five weak stones that is also attackable. A simple 1 space jump into the open is a standard move, but doesn’t apply any pressure to black. Only by applying pressure will you take control of a fight.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: