Review Request Game 9k (me, white) vs 8k (black)

Hi, and thanks a lot in advance to anyone who can help me with this one!

In this Game it was even during half the game, then I totally mishandled the invation at R11. Also, my shape was terrible before that, now that I get back to it. Could someone review at least that invasion? Black could live regardless of my response, I think, but dunno if his moves were also the correct ones!

Losing move could be W 68 (-90% for you); just take, 83% for W.
B 53 can just live at S12.

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Looking at the ai info for that game, it feels like while it has picking out some game changing moments according to %points it really seems to give a variation on the wrong side of it.

If the ai gave a variation one move earlier, that is it should be giving a variation for White move 68 rather than for White move 70, because that’s where you could learn something about the mistake. It’s also annoying about the ai that because you played it’s chosen move at move 70 it gives you no extra variations for that move.

But yeah about the game - someone else is probably better suited to explain how to deal with the invasion. I’ll leave what I can think of in a review, but I need to study invasions a bit more myself.


I just checked your Review, and it was extremely helpful!! I knew at several moments I could stop the right group from living, after I made him stay with just one eye, but I just couldn’t see how I could cut it!
This is what I meant with “handling poorly the invasion”, and after that, he only got bigger on the side.

Also, a problem that I face when looking at standard secuences or pro games is that they suddenly put a move totally elsewhere and we amateurs can’t realise why those movements are connected.
For example, in your review, you played Q3 at the bottom corner after that secuence (first variation 37-38 moves), and at first glance I couldn’t figure out why. My guess is that you are pointing out my shape in that cut isn’t so bad and I should tenuki to avoid a further invasion on the lower bottom, am i right? To start out, I didn’t even know that corner could be still attacked after that joseki :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway, thanks a lot Shinuito, that was great!

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@shinuito’s review is excellent on the invasion part. I’ll focus on the moves before the invasion, because you said your shape was terrible. First, both players missed the tiger’s mouth vital point after move 29. White should have played 30 at H13, expecting Black to connect at H14 against the peep. If Black ignores this threat, White can push and cut off some stones, which is why the tiger’s mouth vital point is critical.

Whether you play H13 or not, the next move at L13 is a common mistake for players of your level. But it’s also understandable, because it fits with how we learn Go. Of course, the object of Go is to surround the most territory. So novice players often play a lot of third-line moves and two-space extensions, because they are reasonably secure and you can see the territory increasing. Players reaching an intermediate level eventually learn about frameworks (large potential territories) and use them to make bigger territories (this game shows evidence of this thinking). The problem is that frameworks aren’t as useful for making territory as they are for attacking. Let me quote the sensei’s library entry, which I didn’t write:

So your L13 sought to turn the framework into territory by sealing it off. When you mistime a move like this—your opponent lives inside—the sealing move you made can become dame in the end. With this in mind, I prefer a move around H3, attacking the lower black group. If you can run that black group into the center, you may seal off the right side area naturally. You could also consider M2, which could help secure the lower right corner indirectly.


Actually that could’ve been an accident. I was doing the review on my phone and scrolling to type comments, and changing markers (triangles and things) sometimes made me put stuff down in random spots.

The 37 was just to point out that the hane leaves a cut. The 38 could’ve been by accident when scrolling but actually yeah, there can still be a 3-3 invasion after that joseki. It can kind of depend on the surrounding stones what happens, I guess q3 kind of defends it, maybe there’s better/more active moves like hane at O2 that could work.

But anyway, accidents and all, I’m glad it was helpful :slight_smile: I ran out of time earlier, I needed a shower and had to do an online tutorial. Thanks as well for the kind words @mark5000 it made me smile :slight_smile:


@mark5000 Thanks a lot Mark! It was really helpful! I was worried about playing in the center or those weak two stones group, but that jump at k13 clearly didn’t add up to much as you said, also extending and threating to cut the groups looks like a terrible missed play by both of us. I’ll go to senseis to study that H3 invasion now

@shinuito it was! Thanks again!

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