Review Request: Me (B, 17K) vs 12K

Here is my game, with a bit of self review. This was also a correspondence game.

I touched on your self-review with a little commentary. You play a lot of basic Go-like moves and that is a sign of growth and/or the long time control of slow games. However, some fundamental problem areas do show up in sharp relief.

First, it’s important to improve at life and death, as well as some simple capturing techniques (such as I showed you in the top right). This is an area that can grow your game rapidly.

Second, you need to be more aware of the basic ideas about group health, particularly (given the solidity of your game in general) from the offensive point of view. Groups prefer to make eyespace on the edge where possible and need a ‘base’ to stake a claim on that eyespace. Stones that can’t secure a base are unhealthy, and can become targets for attack. So a rough rhythm in the opening is, if your stones are healthy and have a reasonable base sketched out, and an opposing stone has entered your area, try to deny it a base. If an opposing stone has no chance of making a base, then it may be attacked, usually by capping it to restrict access to the center. The stone may not die, but it will have to pay to live. You will usually be able to build a nice wall in the direction that you choose as the opposing stone runs for dear life.