Review Request/Offer - 8k vs. 9k

This is a recent game where I played as white:

It was the first “bad” game I’ve had in quite awhile (it was very fun - but I don’t think I played very well throughout the first half). I fell behind early on, and only managed to win through some lucky endgame.

I’d love to hear any critiques from stronger players!

Also, always happy to do reviews for DDKs or new players. I’m fairly busy at the moment, but I’ll do a game review in the near future for the first 2-3 people who comment with a link.

here you go, if you have any questions for me then ask away.


Thanks @ImprobableBlob!

I especially liked the two invasion suggestions - I rarely risk deep invasions, but I’ve been trying to improve in that area.

Also, good comments on the slow moves. I had tried to build a bit of a moyo on the top left, and since I felt behind on points I think I tried too hard to keep it from being reduced.

Looking back, it was the difference between 4 & 8 points… :stuck_out_tongue: so not worth it…

Hello @Swabby8,

I would be happy if you can review my game with @arnaudgo :

Thank you.

Here is a review by Crazy Sensei:
The blue line is Black’s probability of winning
Red bars indicate error magnitude.
You can explore the search tree by clicking on numbers.

Black missed a big kill at move 177.

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Wow! That’s excellent, I’ve never even heard of Crazy Sensei - looks like a great tool. Thanks!