Review request please (23k)

Would like to get a review of the game, though it was not finished (I resigned during mid-game). Biggest problem Im having lately is opponent attacking in territory and not knowing how to defend, besides lack of games and continuously losing, but thats a different story; Im just here to see if i can get any feedback. Thanks

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I’m only a beginner myself but my best advice would be not to resign that early. Game doesn’t look hopelessly lost at all to me.


This game was pretty much a done deal, especially this far out against a stronger (16 kyu player). I may have been able to get, at most, a few eyes in the middle, a little bit of the top right and left, and maybe a small group in whites large upper-mid left section if i could successfully invade. Like I said, at most, but more than likely not.

Hello! And sorry to hear about your troubles.

I leave you my thoughts here:

If it is any consolation to be honest for most of the game I would have preffered black :slight_smile: (until the resignation part) And to be annyoing and preachy:

No, it wasn’t. This is a totally bad and self-defeating attitude. Honestly you are not strong enough to see that the game is unwinnable in a mid-game. Beginners (me included :D) confuse potential with teerritory and get scared when they see a big framework, even though they have many secured points. Against a stronger player? so what? Why even start the game then? Playing against a strongert player is great! You can learn from them and easily see own weaknesses. Play as long as you can against such players. Sure, dont be annoying with every little invasion, but resigning that soon is pointless. If you want to be respectfull then ask your opponent if he would mind playing till the endgame even though you see that you are behind. Many players here would be happy to help :slight_smile:

Now to the game. I would say you know how to defend, but rather you chose not to. Several times in the game you tenukied away from a fight. That is bad. It is good that you keep trying to take big moves, but urgent moves come first. If you watch some pro games, you will see that most of them are very particular about protecting cuts and setteling groups (even though it may look slow). Do not push too hard to get all the points, secure those points you can get. If you try to get everything the whole position will usually collapse. Do not leave weak groups on the board and attack opponents weak groups You do not need to necessarily kill them, but even attacking them brings much profit, while your opponent struggles to live with only a few points. You need to find the right ballance between not playing slow, but not playing too fast either.

If you want we can arrange some teaching games. I certainly wouldn’t mind to play till the end so you would have no reason to feel bad and resign too early. :slight_smile:


And by all means, if you have question PM me. I do not want to type too much of what I think you probably already know, but it is hard to guess… :slight_smile:


Very sound advice. Thank you guys very much for your help. Go can be frustrating, for everyone I suppose, so I thin one of the biggest things I need to work on i patience and focus, but in due time. Thanks again

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Thank you for your interesting and valuable review that helped me see my own mistakes that I make offen similar to the op.

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