Review request SDK vs DDK


would appriciate someone review my game:

I had the feeling, that i played a decent opening, but i think up to move 32 ish, i am behind in territory, even if i have some influence to the middle of the board.

After the sansan in the lower left and the probe move on top left, i thought i cannot allow, that white lives (even not easily) after white started attachement on K16, on move 72 ( This leads me to my first question, how should i had played on top middle?) As i mentioned, to let white life is just to much territory for white, especially because black has not that much of builing options

The other stuff is pretty much overall midgame and endgame stuff… Maybe somebody can relate to these issues also briefly.

Thanks to all

As AI graph shows and as you said you lost when you let white live on the upper side.
I put a variation there

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I added a review. The main thing that happened multiple times in this game is that you played away while there were local fights happening. That’s ok to do sometimes: if you think you don’t have a great local result but might have one later, and you see some opportunities elsewhere that will be bigger, go for them. For instance, ignoring the middle fight around move 60 might be fine if you think white’s just going to connect out if you fight immediately. I think there’s likely some aji on the bottom left that gives you a good follow up to taking the corner. I’d contrast that with playing away at move 87, which is probably your worst move of the game. White isn’t alive locally in the top right, and you’ve almost got them surrounded. Instead of focusing on the urgent fight, you played a medium gote move. You absolutely need to address that fight before playing anywhere else.

You also aren’t really challenging white’s invasions. You mention that you felt behind in territory pretty early on, with some influence to compensate. That’s a reasonable read of the board (though you’ve got a lot of influence, probably enough to compensate for the territory). It’s largely happened because you’re pulling back and letting white connect up around the edges of the board. Not coincidentally, your best chance to win the game was when you didn’t let white connect up on top and surrounded their group instead. If you’d pressed that attack and read it correctly, you probably could’ve killed that group and gotten a winning advantage. It’s always possible to mess up reading and let something live that shouldn’t have lived, but if you play away you aren’t even giving yourself a chance to get the reading right.


Thank you Sir, for that hoest and long comment, appriciate!!

Could one or you both strong guys, shortly tell me, on what I should work on?!

BIG Thanks again