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would appriciate some comments about this game:

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  • Use a wall, more efficiently ( Q7 to Q11 - I have a little knowledge, that you should not play to near to thickness, its more efficient to play light in order to play where the opponent is not that strong in shape??!)
  • Building a Moyo ( I think i tried it pretty okay in my view, but move 93 on L7 was a mistake in my little 8kyu view?! Anyway maybe there is a more efficient way to build and defend that framework in middle?!
  • Generell endgame stuff

I think i would had won in the end, but i fought a unncessary K.O. and was lucky M10 group^^

Thanks happy week :slight_smile:

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Hopefully I can help out a bit :D

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Move(s) Comment(s)
1–8 (1)–(7) is a classic Kobayashi opening. (8) appears to invade too soon, but this opening did actually receive some professional play in late 2016, so it can’t be a terrible move.
9 The natural and good response.
10 White should probably wedge for the best result. The position can branch out a bit from there, but here is on example: Fan Weijing (2p) vs. Lu Jia (2p) | Waltheri's go pattern search From a simple shape perspective, we can see that White is pushing into a hane-on-two, which should lead us to question this move. If White is going to play R9, I think he should play it immediately, without exchanging here.
15 It seems like you can hane, since White is still low on liberties. I don’t dislike your simple extensions, though – they thickened your shape.
20 I guess the clamp was the proper move.
21 It’s nice if this works, but I’m not sure it’s worth playing in the first thirty moves, since the invasion remains fully enclosed and has to live in gote. Then again, it also strengthens your hand against the right-side group. I wouldn’t really criticise playing the sequence now, as it is big…
37 I might play on the bottom side as White, although P17 ofc has its own value.
39 Now that White has declined his right to make a true pincer, it’s probably better to play on the outside, at J3. If you slide, then (apart from the game pincer) the G3 attachment can also be a good move for White. Attaching at D3 and continuing into Play Go at! | OGS is also an idea, but I wouldn’t call that result better than a slide–pincer or slide–attach variation. I think a simple and immediate J3 is the proper way to play.
42 Slack. E3 is the proper move for White. See Play Go at! | OGS
44–47 There’s no reason for White to place himself in an armpit hit and a hane-on-two.
51–56 The shoulderhit looks reasonable. However, it’s unreasonable for White not to respond – (53) should now push down at L17, isolating the group. I’m mystified as to why you didn’t take this point on (55) either, since the kick exchange (asking White to commit to the top-left stones) makes it even more worthwhile. White is happy to connect with (56), although taking L17 himself would’ve been better.
63 Why not just hane? You don’t care about this section of your central wall?
71 S14 is the better move, defending solidly and even damaging the right-side white group.
76–82 Pushing through is very big, but White played too directly and lose sente needlessly. He could have just jumped out to P12 on (78).
83–88 I don’t think this was the right place to invade. Then again, I wouldn’t try invading this area at all at this point, and later I might just reduce with J3. You are still going to want to jump out to J5 at some point as well. After (88), we can see that J2–H2 looks bad in tewari.
101–117 (101) was a good turn – it’s gote but makes thick shape. You defended the centre well, although (110) and (112) by White look like mistaken direction.
123–132 I’m not entirely sure this works, considering the key move White G7, in combination with moves like White H7. If it does work then great, but I wonder whether (123) G9 F7 G10 would’ve been simpler.
146–257 A lot of endgame is played that is probably smaller than Black H15.
159 You still had enough to just defend at J13. In the game, the stubborn G14 ended up losing many points. Whilst perhaps not the losing move, it gave White a lot of play in the position.