Review request/ specific move

Why move 17 costs half the game?..

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Half the game is maybe a bit too much, but it is a heavy blow for black. After P 6 you have two weak two stone groups you have to look after. Almost never a good idea to let your opponent connect.
Put a variation in your game chat.


Thanks, I’ll check that!
Half the game I meant AI went from 52% to 1%. Ouch.

Here are some reasons I can think of:

  1. White captured a stone.
  2. White made an excellent shape. See
  3. White connected stones from two groups together.
  4. White separated Black into two groups.
  5. The lower of the two black groups can’t survive.
  6. White smothered many of Black’s liberties.
  7. White removed bad aji. See @Atorrante’s variation for one possibility lost.

That’s a whole game! :grin:
52% means pretty even
1% means destroyed

While if you look at score it’s just 15 points. I can make mistakes bigger than that! :grin:

In AI’s mind a 15 points advantage is fairly enough to be sure to win.