Review request

Hi! Hoping someone could give me a review of this game.

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Just gonna take a look now, i shall update this post when i am done.

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No worries my dude. Im mid way though… ish… gimme a little while and i shall have it all done for you.

Hi again. I just got finished doing the review for you.

Hopefully, I didn’t go too in-depth in this one for you… But I hope it helps.

But in summary, you are a new player… ish. you obviously have a firm grasp of the rules, which is fantastic. What you lack is the fundamentals of strategy in the game. And the ability to read the game out. Which really boils down to one issue, and that I knowledge.

I can see from your profile page that you have only played around 100 games give or take a few. the best thing for you to do is to keep playing and be patient with yourself. It is great that you are thinking ahead and asking for reviews. Many others would now think even that far ahead, and just get angry and quit… I should know… I was one of the quitters many years back.

But… aside from just playing more games, there are other things you can do to really improve your game. But they all require you to play more games, and indeed put the effort in.

  1. Play more games
  2. Tsumego:

Tsumego hero
Tsumegopro (Mobile app)
There are also go problem books out there as well, but I’m really not the right person to ask about them.

  1. YOUTUBE!!! Watch video lessons on how to play go. The important thing to remember when doing this is to remember what you have learned and to try them out in games. They won’t always work out perfect for you. But, just getting that slightly deeper understanding of the game will help a great deal I think.

Nick Sibiky
Dwyrin (Also on twitch)
Xhu98 (Also on twitch)

  1. OGS…

allow me, on behalf of OGS, to present to you the holy grail of learning go… links.


Seriously the OGS forums are a great place. they literally have a collection of links to help anyone and everyone to learn to play go. check them out… and see if any suit you. the links that I already supplied are likes and such that I personally use. same goes for the youtube names. but go look for something that suits you.

Sorry for the long reply… I hope this all helps you though. and I hope you have a wonderful evening.


Thank you for the review! I looked through it, and there was some really helpful info. I can’t wait until I have a chance to really go through it again in depth.

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No worries at all, if you have any other questions then fire away and ask them. And if you would like me to do another game review or whatever, let me know. I’m here to help.