Review request

Here I’m lost.

After the first few moves, AI seems to insist on resolving lower right corner, but isn’t too early to settle that? Aren’t we supposed to go for bigger moves in the beginning?
(my guess is O6 is important so W can come out, is this right?)

At move 49, I don’t understand what D15 does for white.

Then, at move 68, K13 becomes the suggested move with insistence. But I don’t see why, is it something that plays out much later?

And then it’s over at move 95. Why is B already doomed at that point? It doesn’t seem settled at all (OK the bottom two corners for W, but other than that…).

Yes. And also cut black.
White corner isn’t in danger, but cutting black is important: black then must settle two groups. Moreover, if white comes out black can’t build and make points in the center

Again cut and/or come out.
Depending on black’s answer, white can reduce the center or attack the corner

It connects two weak groups.
It’s a big mistake for black not cutting there. White probably would have lost one of them.

Win rate can be confusing. Look at score difference instead: at move 95 is just few points. AI would use that small advantage to keep things under control and win.
But a tiny mistake by white could reverse the situation.
In the following white becomes stronger. So it’s not just how it was on move 95. That was just the beginning of a defeat

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But W can just kill that black stone, with J13 and K11/K10 (whatever comes first), no?

Let’s say that B K12 was a probe.
W K10 would have surrounded an captured that stone. But W played J10 instead.
B then can’t just cut. I don’t know why AI thinks that K10, J10 could be a good exchange for black.
But B K11 is dangerous for white. I would play W K10 suddenly… but he didn’t.
After W N9 black can cut… and should IMO :grin:
It isn’t very polite to refuse two subsequent gifts! :smile:

But I don’t understand why W won’t kill K13, according to AI.
Let’s say move 69 is K13, as AI suggests, and move 70 is J13, as AI suggestion follows.
If B plays R16, as AI goes, why won’t W just play K11 and be done with it?
Or if B plays K11, W can play K12, still K13 did nothing.

So, I don’t understand why it’s a good move, if it can be just killed and over. :-/ Even if the whole sequence is played out, as per AI (R16, P17, N17, R18, S17), W is just free to play K11 after all that exchange and kill K13. I think I’m missing something…

Then black stones are captured. I don’t know why AI would suggest doing K13 at move 69.

Yes. W K11 would capture. Actually, after J13, black stones can’t escape, even if black plays first. See variation.

Typo? K12 is already black

K12 isn’t a good move by itself.
But after B K11 and W N9, K13 is painful.
That’s why AI stresses on it until move 85.
After that white is alive, black top left is in danger, so the priority is elsewhere.

But from move 71 until move 85, K13 is actually a good attacking move.
And also a good defending move for white.
I shared some variations in the game page.

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